The Acadia Crossover SUV is This Year’s Must-Have Family Vehicle!

Other SUVs pale in comparison to this year’s Acadia Crossover. The Crossover is the newest, most top-of-the-line car for moms- and dads! The Crossover features plenty of space for your little ones and all their friends, as well as unparalleled safety standards!


The 2012 Acadia Crossover has enough seating for up to eight people at once and trunk room to boot! The seating is spacious, giving plenty of room for you and your children to stretch out and make yourselves comfortable on those long car rides or after sport practice when kids’ muscles need a break. And the Acadia Crossover features Smart Slide seating technology to give you optimum form and function. With the simple pull of a lever you can have near instant access to the third row seating. And Smart Slide isn’t electronic, so there’s no worry that the slide system will break and leave you without access to your seats! And that just takes care of the kids’ seats. For the weary mom or dad driving there is an available eight-way power driver seat with power recline and lumbar control.

Fuel Economy

The Acadia Crossover gets better highway gas mileage than any other eight-passenger SUV.


The Acadia is equipped with standard eighteen inch wheels and tires that have been designed specifically to provide the best traction and braking. GMC knows that you can’t take chances with your kids’ safety, so these tires have been engineered to handle numerous types of roads and road conditions. The Acadia’s design was made for safety. It comes with all-wheel drive for maximum turn radius to round those tight corners without bumping the curb or for squeezing into parallel parking spots. And the Acadia has more standard torque than any other crossover vehicle. The Acadia includes a rearview camera system which displays the view behind your vehicle in your rearview mirror via camera which can be more accurate and reliable than a mirror alone. The Acadia also comes equipped with six standard air bags. As GMC says there are: “two front dual-stage air bags, two side-impact air bags for the driver and front passenger, and a head-curtain side air bag that protects the outboard passengers in all three rows.”

The Crossover even features the amazing head-up display technology. Rather than take your eyes off the road to keep track of important instrumentation such as your current speed, the head-up display will reflect these important stats right on your windshield to optimize safety while driving. The Acadia includes DVD-based navigation radio to keep you on the right track. The Crossover even comes pre-equipped with six months of OnStar service including the Automatic Crash Response service so that in the event of a crash OnStar can tap into your vehicle and call for help when you are incapable of doing so.Most importantly the Acadia features the StabiliTrak system to help minimize accidents and keep your precious cargo safe. As GMC says, “When your vehicle isn’t adequately responding to steering input, StabiliTrak applies brake pressure to any individual wheel and may adjust engine speed to help you keep the vehicle on track and reduce the risk of vehicle rollover.”

Fun Extras

One of the great extras that the Acadia Crossover provides is the power rear liftgate. All you have to do is press a button and the rear liftgate will give you easy access to the rear cargo area. The Crossover also features a dual skyscape sunroof with rear fixed skylight. And for those kids who need a little music going in the car to stay settled for the ride there’s an AM/FM stereo with MP3 playback, a Bose Premium 10 speaker sound system, USB port and auxiliary input jack. And to keep mom and dad occupied or for that important business call on the way to work, the Acadia includes Bluetooth right in your steering wheel! Just synchronize your phone with the Bluetooth in the wheel and you can dial hands-free with voice commands.