GMC Sierra HD takesTop Honors At The Insane Heavy Duty Hurt Locker!

The South Loves  A Good Truck!

The 2012 GMC Sierra HD

The Carolinas are serious truck states. And Scott McCorkle, of Liberty Buick GMC Truck, prides himself on offering North and South Carolina a huge selection of the toughest trucks on the road — the GMC Sierra.  Scott doesn’t just think the Sierra is the best truck out there. By beating out Chrysler and Ford in one of the most grueling challenges ever—The Heavy- Duty Hurt Locker, put on by, GMC has proven, once and for all, that it’s the best overall heavy duty truck on the road.

About The Challengers:

2012 GMC Sierra Duramax, the 2011 Ford F-350 Power Stroke, and the 2011.5 Ram 3500 High Output Cummins.

“We procured similarly equipped trucks from Ford, Ram and GMC and put them through the paces, towing up and down some of the toughest grades in the country covering a total of 2,200 miles,” said Mike Levine, editor of “When we analyzed the data, the GMC Sierra 3500HD simply outperformed the trucks from Ford and Ram.”

The trucks chosen for battle were the 2012 GMC Sierra Duramax, the 2011 Ford F-350 Power Stroke, and the 2011.5 Ram 3500 High Output Cummins.

About The Heavy Duty Hurt Locker:

The HD Hurt Locker punished the trucks with a trek lasting 7 days and going over 2,200 miles through 4 states and 2 mountain ranges.

Levine took part in the Hurt Locker, and recounted it as a “2,200-mile, four-state slog towing trailers that weigh almost 10 tons each and push each truck’s gross combined weight to more than 90 percent of their gross combined weight rating – levels so high that it forced those of us without one to get commercial driver licenses. The Hurt Locker includes driving up two of the nastiest mountain climbs in the U.S. – from hot summer temperatures of more than 100 degrees in the Arizona desert to the oxygen-starved peaks of the Colorado Rockies, 11,000 feet above sea level. Through it all, we measured fuel economy, acceleration, power and braking and evaluated the confidence that each truck gave its driver.”[i]

GMC Sierra HD Took It All!

The GMC Sierra HD Duomax came out on top in nearly all categories

After the whole ordeal was over, The 2012 GMC Sierra 3500 with 6.6-liter Duramax V-8 proved to be top dog. “The GMC Sierra 3500 is our choice for the Best Overall Heavy-Duty Truck in the Hurt Locker test. Its performance continues to affirm what we’ve seen from previous 2011-12 GM HD pickups. Their chassis and on-road performance should be in the crosshairs of Ram and Ford.”(Mike Levine, 2011)

“Customers choose full-size trucks for their capabilities,” said Rick Spina, GM’s vehicle line executive for full-size trucks. “For 2012, we built on the foundation we created in 2011, with engineering changes and additional validation designed to make the most capable heavy-duty pickup even better. Based on’s test results, it looks like we got the job done.”[ii][iii]

Come see this beast of a truck for yourself!

You can see the 2011 GM Sierra HD at Scott McCorkle's Liberty Buick GMC Truck

If you live in the Charlotte metro, Huntersville, Matthews, Mint Hill, Pineville, or Waxhaw areas of North or South Carolina, and are in need of a serious truck, Scott McCorkle and his great team would love to put you in one.  Stop by to see them at one of their convenient locations  9028 Independence or 1001 Tyvola Road.  Or check them out on web at Prepared to be impressed!

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2011 "Dog Days of Summer" Pet Celebration
"Dog Days of Summer" Pet Celebration on June 4, 2011 from 10AM-2PM

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    Publication and Display: Submission of an entry constitutes agreement to allow photographs to be reproduced, published and/or exhibited for promotional purposes by the Liberty Buick GMC Trucks and CCP Web Design Studios. Entrants grant the right to publish their name, city and state in print or other media in connection with the photo contest. By submitting any photo, contestants hereby certify that the photo is his/her original work and has never been copyrighted, or, if copyrighted, that he/she is the sole copyright owner. Contestants understand that it will be published on the Internet and in promotional materials. No photo entry will be published in any manner contrary to the purpose in which it was submitted.

    CCP Staff Writer – Kimberly Brouillette, 5/18/2011


    MotorTrend Takes Notice of 2011 GMC Sierra Denali Heavy Duty Truck

    MotorTrend has taken notice of and praised the 2011 GMC Sierra Denali Heavy Duty truck. This GMC Sierra truck is the first model that offers the luxurious Denali trim on one of GMC’s toughest trucks. The combination of luxury and performance on the 2011 GMC Sierra Denali Heavy Duty truck will continue to “wow” drivers in Charlotte, Matthew & Monroe, NC.

    According to a MotorTrend article, “GMC has always been about “Professional Grade” trucks, but the Denali trim level takes it up a notch or two — it’s the package for people who work hard but like to do it in style, too.”

    Several enhancements that are specific to the Denali package include a four-bar chrome grille, chrome accents on the doors and door handles, and new 18- and 20-inch polished forged aluminum wheels. Inside, the Denali package features a superior Bose audio system, power-adjustable pedals, 12-way power seats, and brushed aluminum trim. Optional heated steering wheel, as well as, heated/cooled seats are also available.

    GMC also spent a great deal of effort on upgrading the Sierra’s chassis and powertrain. The result is a 20,000-pound maximum towing capacity with a fifth-wheel trailer, as well as a 16,000-pound maximum towing capacity with a traditional hitch, and a 6,335-pound maximum payload capacity.

    On the 2011 GMC Sierra Denali Heavy Duty truck, the latest version of the 6.6-liter Duramax turbo diesel V-8 makes all of this power and towing capacity possible. This V-8 engine has been re-engineered to increase both the Sierra’s strength and improve efficiency. The Duramax has been rated at 397 horsepower and an amazing 765 lb-ft of torque at 1,600 rpm. This resulted in a best-in-class figure that’s a 32 horsepower and 105 lb-ft improvement over last year’s engine.

    In addition, the automaker has reduced the engine’s NOx emissions by 63%. For those who don’t need that level of horsepower and torque, there is also the 6.0-liter Vortec gasoline V-8 (360 horsepower and 380 lb-ft of torque), which has a new camshaft that increased torque at low RPM.

    The latest Allison 1000 six-speed automatic transmission has been beefed-up to handle the extra torque of the upgraded diesel motor. The article continues to say that, “GMC boasts that the transmission has been specifically built to match either the gasoline or diesel engine for maximum efficiency and ideal gearing. Those sticking with gasoline will get an upgraded 6L90 six-speed automatic transmission, an upgrade from the 6L80 found on current models.”

    In addition to the other features, GMC has also upgraded its front suspension for a smoother ride and easier handling. In the rear, a new asymmetrical leaf-spring rear suspension has wider leafs, which allows for a higher payload capacity and less axle-hop. All these heavy-duty upgrades are possible due to “11 all-new, fully-boxed frames to underpin the cab and box configurations. GMC says the new frames are five times stiffer on their own while the hydro-formed front sections are 125% stiffer.”

    Whether for work or play, the serious truck driver now has an option if he/she desires a combination of luxury and performance. See the new GMC Sierra truck ad below to see some of the ways the 2011 GMC Sierra Denali Heavy Duty truck can perform for you.

    These impressive trucks may be found at any of the Charlotte, Matthews or Monroe Liberty Buick GMC dealer locations. For more information on the powerful 2011 GMC Sierra Denali Heavy Duty truck, visit, download the 2011 GMC Sierra brochure here, or call 888-306-1908.

    CCP Web Design Staff Writer: Kimberly Brouillette, 4/5/11

    2011 Japan Earthquake to Increase GMC Sierra Hybrid Truck Sales in Charlotte NC?

    Research performed by staff writer for Liberty Buick GMC Trucks demonstrates that the powerful earthquake in Japan may cause waves of business for the U.S. automotive industry in Charlotte, Matthews and Monroe, NC!

    The combination the 2011 Tsunami disaster, in addition to the Libyan fuel crisis, may affect the availability of many economy cars. Fortunately, this should not affect the American automotive industry as heavily. Popular hybrid vehicles, such as the GMC Sierra 1500, Yukon and Denali Hybrid pickup trucks and sports utility vehicles, will not suffer a major manufacturing slow down due the disturbing natural events.

    Shockwaves from Japan’s most powerful earthquake in history may be felt in the auto industry as far away as Charlotte, Lake Norman, Monroe and Matthews, NC. Yet another great reason to buy a GMS Sierra 1500 Hybrid Truck in Charlotte, NC!

    According to news sources, “the most powerful earthquake to hit Japan in at least 100 years unleashed walls of water Friday.” The epicenter was located at a mere 370 kilometers (230 miles) away from Tokyo, Japan.

    The Japanese auto industry has been significantly impacted by Japan’s a catastrophic tsunami and multiple aftershocks. The physical damage caused by the horrific natural disaster has forced one of Japan’s major auto parts suppliers to shut down. This in turn, has forced most of the country’s top automakers to halt production for at least the next few days, according to a recent news article.

    Should this shut down last for more than a few weeks, it could be devastating for some of the affected automotive manufacturing companies, according to Paul Taylor, chief economist for the National Automobile Dealers Association. Many of Japanese economy and subcompact vehicles could suffer quickly, because many of them are manufactured in Japan.

    The GMC Sierra Hybrid has been shown to have the “best-in-class” fuel economy. This amazing heavy-duty utility vehicle can even operate up to 30 miles per hour in electric-only mode. It even has a 40% improvement in city fuel economy when compared to non-hybrid models. It manages to do all of this and still use its powerful 6.0L V8 engine for any towing and hauling capabilities expected from a full-size GMC pickup.

    These impressive trucks may be found at any of the Charlotte, Matthews or Monroe Liberty Buick GMC dealer locations. For more information on the new GMC Sierra 1500, Yukon & Denali Hybrids, visit or call 888-306-1908.

    CCP Web Design Staff Writer: Kimberly Brouillette, 3/11/11