GMC Sierra HD Trucks Are Made for Working

There are many reasons to buy a GMC Sierra HD pickup, and one of those many reasons is for its excellent working capabilities. The GMC Sierra HD pickup was made for working in tough conditions on hard jobs. The GMC Sierra is perfect for jobs like plowing and hauling. Up north where snow falls more regularly than here in the south, the GMC Sierra pickup is often used for plowing in the snow. In fact, the GMC Sierra offers one of the industry’s most comprehensive plowing preparation packages. One of the key features of the Sierra’s plowing package is the flexibility of an adjustable torsion bar front suspension. The Sierra is the only vehicle that offers the torsion bar as part of its prep package.
“For plow operators, our torsion bar independent front suspension is a major differentiator,” said Sierra ride and handling engineer Chris Bither. “Our competitors’ beam axles can’t match it for traction on uneven surfaces and axle hop reduction.”
The engineers who designed the Sierra HD pickup knew how important it would be to businesses needing work vehicles so they set out to make just that. They especially kept the front axle loads in mind when designing the vehicles, knowing that the Sierra would need to handle all kinds of front axle loads. The torsion bars are also made for busy businesses, with the engineers having kept convenience as well as function in mind when designing them. The bars can easily be adjusted in a snap, using only a single wrench and just a couple minutes of time. This allows the driver to provide proper wheel alignment when as much as 1,000 pounds of weight is added to the front end of the vehicle.
The truck is also designed with three inch wide asymmetric leaf springs at the rear of the vehicle. This is to help the Sierra get the best possible traction and support heavy rear loads. This is ideal for those needing to use the vehicle for salt spreading, as the heavy equipment can easily be supported by the rear.
The four wheel drive Sierra HD  pickups are all available with the plow preparation package. The package comes with a back-up power source with emergency work lights on the roof, an extra strength 160-amp alternator, a high-flow front bumper, a forward and a trailer brake wiring harness, a skid plate, and the high capacity air cleaner which includes an auxiliary transmission oil cooler. And the truck even with all of the modifications is still covered under the standard GMC warranty. The GMC Sierra HD pickup is the only light duty pickup that offers a plow prep package!
“Even the smaller details of Sierra were designed with plowing in mind,” added Bither, “Our optional 17- and 18-inch all-terrain tires were developed for excellent snow traction.”
And the engineers who developed the Sierra and made sure it could handle important work duties also made sure to include many of the standard handling and comfort features that customers have grown to know and love.

“Our new trucks hold a plow and sander with very little sag at the wheels,” said Andy Ryder, a small business owner of JAMS Lawn Care in Bangor, Maine, who remains loyal to the Sierra HD pickups in his business.  “But Sierra’s seat comfort, ride, and handling are what keep us happy. And the power and performance when plowing is awesome.”
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What to Do If You Are In an Accident

Getting in an accident can be a very scary thing, especially if it is your very first one. Even the most careful of drivers can’t always avoid the occasional fender bender. And even if you are a really good driver there’s no guarantee that all the other drivers on the road are just as careful as you are. Even in an accident when no one gets hurt it can still be nerve wracking and many people don’t know what the first step is for getting things cleared up and moving on.

Before we address exactly what to do when the accident occurs it is important to think about what we can do ahead of time to be prepared for an accident. One way to do this is to keep an emergency preparedness kit in the vehicle. Many people don’t do this because they assume they will never be in an accident since they are a good driver, but it can happen to anyone. In the accident preparedness kit drivers should be sure to have a disposable camera or other camera for taking pictures of the damage to turn in to the insurance company. They should also carry a pen and pad of paper to take notes such as taking down the other driver’s information. The other things that should be included in the preparedness kit would be vehicle information and medical information. You should always have your vehicle registration with you when you are driving your vehicle. Even if you are not going to be in an accident there is always the chance that you will be pulled over or that you will run through a license and registration check. The other important thing to have on hand is your vehicle insurance card. You will need the information on the card such as your insurance policy number when you talk to an officer or the other driver. Keeping a list of allergies and other pertinent medical information in the vehicle could also be very important. If you are in an accident and are injured, it could be very useful to the hospital staff to have this information without having to ask you for it or call around asking your family for the information.

Once you have actually been hit the first thing to do is to stay calm. Many people’s first reactions when they are involved in an accident is to panic. Sometimes you may not even realize that you’ve been hit right away. After you calm down you should signal to the other driver for both of you to move off the main road in order to allow traffic flow to continue as normal. If you cause a congestion of traffic, especially in an intersection, you could cause others who do not see you in time to have further accidents. If you or the other driver are injured and you believe it would be dangerous to move then don’t move! Hurting yourself further could result in more serious injuries. And if the vehicle is damaged so that it cannot be moved then be sure to put on your hazard lights and remain buckled inside the vehicle for your safety until help arrives. When you have determined that you either can or cannot move the vehicle or yourself, then call for help from the police and an ambulance if anyone is injured.

If there are no serious injuries and you can move your vehicle off the road then you should get out of your vehicle and speak with the other driver. It is important that you exchange information so that insurance companies can contact the other driver. You should do this while waiting for the police to arrive, although the police may have a form available for you that is specifically for exchanging information with the other driver. When you exchange information you’ll want to be sure that you include your names, addresses, phone numbers, driver’s license numbers, and license plate numbers. Also it is important to write down the name of the insured if it is different from the name of the driver. A written description of each vehicle may be necessary, including make, model, year, and VIN number. Be sure to write down the location of the vehicle and your statement on the chain of events.

The next step is to document the damage. This is where the disposable camera comes in handy. It is important to take pictures as well as a written description of the damage that has occurred so that you can file a claim with yours or the other insurance company. If there were any witnesses try to get them to give their information and a statement. Their testimony can help if the other driver disputes your version of events.

Be sure you file an accident report. It depends on your location as to whether or not a police officer will be dispatched to your accident. Many states and cities do not dispatch emergency services unless there are injuries involved in the accident. Even if no officer will be dispatched, you still need to file an accident report. You can do that as your local police station or at the DMV. The police report can help your insurance company to speed up the claims process.

Finally it is time to call the insurance companies and file your claim. Sometimes people may choose not to involve the insurance company and will choose to cover the cost of damages themselves, especially if the damages are minor. This is usually a bad idea however, because it can cause someone who was not at fault to have to pay out of pocket for damages. If the other party is liable their insurance company should reimburse you for any damages to your vehicle and any costs associated with the accident such as medical bills and rental vehicles. Always file your claim as soon as possible so that the claim is on record before you call for a tow or call for a rental vehicle. This way you will be able to know what your insurance company covers and what you should be reimbursed for if the accident was your fault or no fault.

Accidents can be really nerve wracking and tend to leave people a little shaken up. That’s why its always comforting to know that you have a safe and sturdy vehicle to keep you from being damaged as much as possible in the event of an accident. GMC and Buick vehicles were all designed with safety in mind, and are all well prepared to provide the driver and all the passengers the best possible outcome in the event of an accident. OnStar is also a great tool for those involved in an accident. It can help you if you are panicking after the accident occurs so that you can get the help you need when you may not have the wherewithal to call for help. If you would like more information on how we can help you find an excellent and safe vehicle, or repair a Buick or GMC vehicle that has been involved in an accident, please visit our contact us page or call 888-306-1908!

Virtual Climate Control in New Vehicles

It’s a familiar story that many of us have heard before. Mom and dad are driving in the front seat of the car and they’re freezing and have the heat on full blast. But the kids are in the back and covered in sweat because they’ve all been hot and they want the air turned on. Sure they can turn the air on in the back seat and leave the heat on in the front, but some of that heat still makes it to the back seat and the cold is still making it to the front and no one is comfortable. That’s why General Motors has finally developed a new virtual climate control technology that can allow you to adjust the temperature for each individual seating space in a vehicle, and this new technology is being unveiled in the new 2012 Terrain!

The new technology was developed by studying the way that air flows in the car. This way researchers were able to look at exactly where specific streams of air were flowing and then tailored their flow to only surround the passenger in the individual seat! The developers used both real dummies as well as digital car dummies to find the exact places that air would travel through the vehicle. They then used that information to look at how air flows in order to direct the hot or cold air in the right directions so that the air will only blow on the individual, allowing for maximum individual comfort within the vehicle.

The researchers also created their own special dummy, which they nicknamed Monika, which is a wire mannequin that they outfitted with nickel-chromium sensors. The sensors provide researchers with specific data about the temperatures that the individual is feeling in the seats. This technology was also tested within a temperature range of negative forty all the way up to one hundred and forty degrees Fahrenheit! Monika can let the engineers know when she starts to experience these temperatures outside of the normal human comfort range.

The researchers really worked hard on this technology. They made sure to cover all of their tracks by accounting for things like perspiration and internal temperature, as well as varying sizes and shapes of passengers. Naturally they can’t tailor the vehicle to provide the most comfort for every passenger considering the wide variety of shapes and sizes that people come in, but they were able to at least optimize the airflow to provide the most comfort for the most people.

For this change in the GMC Terrain, researchers had the added challenge of adjusting the air to fit the stylistic designs of the air vents placed in the Terrain. “We had to work a lot on the directing ability of the outlets,” Jeff Bozeman, one of the head engineers for this project, said. “The first impression of the vehicle is the interior, and it’s where people spend most of their time. Our job is to make the vehicle feel as good as it looks inside.”

Bozeman and his team work with the U.S. Department of Energy, the California Energy Commission, Delphi Automotive and the University of California, Berkeley to develop these new technologies. He hopes that the technology will grow more and more sophisticated through the years. If you would like more information on purchasing some of the most comfortable vehicles on the market today please visit our contact us page or call 888-306-1908!