2011 Japan Earthquake to Increase GMC Sierra Hybrid Truck Sales in Charlotte NC?

Research performed by staff writer for Liberty Buick GMC Trucks demonstrates that the powerful earthquake in Japan may cause waves of business for the U.S. automotive industry in Charlotte, Matthews and Monroe, NC!

The combination the 2011 Tsunami disaster, in addition to the Libyan fuel crisis, may affect the availability of many economy cars. Fortunately, this should not affect the American automotive industry as heavily. Popular hybrid vehicles, such as the GMC Sierra 1500, Yukon and Denali Hybrid pickup trucks and sports utility vehicles, will not suffer a major manufacturing slow down due the disturbing natural events.

Shockwaves from Japan’s most powerful earthquake in history may be felt in the auto industry as far away as Charlotte, Lake Norman, Monroe and Matthews, NC. Yet another great reason to buy a GMS Sierra 1500 Hybrid Truck in Charlotte, NC!

According to news sources, “the most powerful earthquake to hit Japan in at least 100 years unleashed walls of water Friday.” The epicenter was located at a mere 370 kilometers (230 miles) away from Tokyo, Japan.

The Japanese auto industry has been significantly impacted by Japan’s a catastrophic tsunami and multiple aftershocks. The physical damage caused by the horrific natural disaster has forced one of Japan’s major auto parts suppliers to shut down. This in turn, has forced most of the country’s top automakers to halt production for at least the next few days, according to a recent news article.

Should this shut down last for more than a few weeks, it could be devastating for some of the affected automotive manufacturing companies, according to Paul Taylor, chief economist for the National Automobile Dealers Association. Many of Japanese economy and subcompact vehicles could suffer quickly, because many of them are manufactured in Japan.

The GMC Sierra Hybrid has been shown to have the “best-in-class” fuel economy. This amazing heavy-duty utility vehicle can even operate up to 30 miles per hour in electric-only mode. It even has a 40% improvement in city fuel economy when compared to non-hybrid models. It manages to do all of this and still use its powerful 6.0L V8 engine for any towing and hauling capabilities expected from a full-size GMC pickup.

These impressive trucks may be found at any of the Charlotte, Matthews or Monroe Liberty Buick GMC dealer locations. For more information on the new GMC Sierra 1500, Yukon & Denali Hybrids, visit www.clickliberty.com or call 888-306-1908.

CCP Web Design Staff Writer: Kimberly Brouillette, 3/11/11

CRASH RATINGS for the 2010 GMC Sierra 1500 – What Everyone Should Know!

GMC Sierra Earns Crash Test Awards!
GMC Sierra 1500 Crash Test - 5 Stars!

The GMC Sierra 1500 earned a phenomenal five stars on both driver and passenger crash tests.
GMC Sierra 1500 Received 5 Gold Stars

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released the crash test ratings for the new 2010 GMC Sierra 1500 with great results! NHTSA rates vehicles based on a 35 mph frontal crash and a 38.5 mph side crash. They report these results on a one to five star range.

The GMC Sierra 1500 also passed the Rollover Resistance test with an unheard of four stars. The car is put through an “obstacle course” of sudden turns to see how well it handles. For such a solid car, the GMC Sierra 1500 exceeded expectations in the series of “fish-tailing” maneuvers the NHTSA employs.

The tradition of excellence has long been an important factor in the production of GMC vehicles, especially in the safety of their vehicles.  In this age of “American Auto Maker Skepticism” GMC’s commitment to quality by consistently engineering their vehicles to be the safest is foremost in their mission.  They understand that superior quality and continued high safety standards will keep them in the game and earn back the trust of the American people.

Since 2007, the Sierra 1500 has received the highest rating for the NHTSA frontal crash test rating, making the Sierra one of the only full-size pickup trucks to earn this rating and ultimately, the safest choice on the market. In a recent review, the U.S. News scored the GMC Sierra 1500 a 9.2 out of 10 for safety, better than almost any other pick-up truck. The Sierra 1500 also out-ranked the 2010 Dodge Ram 1500 and the 2010 Nissan Titan. Clearly, GMC is has put the safety of their customers as a top priority. With the security of a Sierra 1500, is it any wonder why GMC is the company Americans trust with their trucks?  

Staff Writer: Camille Cooper, CCP Web Design